Twenty six on the thirty

It’s been a week at this ripe old age now and pretty much it’s the same as 25. Maybe its since I haven’t had to tick any boxes yet where I’m suddenly ticking a little bit more to the right… I have had a great birthday week so far.. Wednesday to Wednesday., that is - today being the end of that birthday week BUT if I want to count from weekend to weekend it will encapsulate this weekend which I am SUPER excited about, so ill fill you in on all that’s happened and all that will happen! Not only was this weekend celebrations for my birthday, but also my great friend from Sydney’s birthday and now its also a celebration for one other very exciting piece of news.. but ill be getting to that later.
First, the week that was.. birthday week 2012. Wednesday the 30th is the day in question. Waking up slightly blurry eyed after a few too many Kronenbourgs and a countdown to the dark side with my friend the night before, I ventured upstairs to begin the worst day of the week, and that’s not because it was my birthday but because it’s a Wednesday and I therefore spend 12 hours with children and tooing and froing from activity to activity willing myself to be on a tropical island somewhere, cocktail in hand.  It was a relatively normal day and I went out that night with my Frenchie freidn Morgane WHO is leaving me this weekend for the sunny shores of Sydney! Anywhoo.. she was working at Roland Garros so we met for a light snack, well her a light snack and me a handful of cocktails and discussed the happenings of life and all that jazz., at Murat. A restaurant in the 16th owned by the Costes group, this was a really great in between the super exy Costes places and the café Costes places. And, perfect for me as these Costes places have become something of a fave of mine since being introduced to me by my American friend, Laura.

We sat right on that table on the terrace, and in true birthday rained :)

Thursday night I met my Australian amies in Paris for a wee little cocktail, again them 1 me, only just over half a handful this time.. either way I guess this week I can feel less like my alcoholic self and more like the never ending birthday girl!
Over the weekend I had a friend arrive in Paris. I have known him for about 10 years, he is 25 years my senior and him along with his boyfriend and other friend were in Paris for the weekend. I used to work with Geoffrey and whilst most of the time, who am I kidding, all of the time over my 4 year working life with him, our personalities clashed, our humor clashed, well you know what, everything clashed. However on the odd occasion we got along for an evening, or drunken staff party, I think it was apparent that we only clashed due to our extremely similar personalities. Cynical and dark. Anyway, so he arrived and I met him and his friend and headed to JaJa in the Marais for lunch. I had AHHmazing stuffed chicken with rice and a delectable white wine all finished off with a chocolate mousse served with this great sweet red wine. Deelish!

I stole these pictures from here as I ALWAYS forget to snap!

After we headed to some bar in the Marais for some extremely weak cocktails, made only slightly better when Robert requested extra shots to be added to our apparent mocktails. Classic, but I guess you had to be there! Another bottle of Burgandy later and I was off to meet my friend in Grand Boulivardes for, yes, more cocktails. We went to one of my Parisian favourites after this, Chartier  - where you can seriously get more than bang for your buck. Every time I go there I swear it gets cheaper and cheaper. This weekend was no different. Snails, foie gras, 2 duck confits and a bottle of Rose, 41 euros. Astonishing. And effing good food too if I do say so myself! After some more rose’s I eventually rolled on into bed around 1.30am..

That’s when the piece de resistance happened. It was Sunday. Geoffrey and I had decided on a favourite, and never frequented again since my first weekend in paris, La Societe. Owned by the Costes group, again, La Societe just has something about it that makes me want to dine there every weekend and everyday inbetween. They serve with out DOUBT the best foie/tartar combo that I opt for, oh you know everyime I sit myself in a resto.
I was utterly excited about this lunch though as Geoffrey and the bf John are pretty regular Euro travllers, and eat/drink at an exceptionally high level no matter what fantastic trip they are on. Thus, I was eager to impress and show them a good time. Impressed? I believe the quote of the night was “this is the best lunch I have had in Europe, I think ever!” – G, June 2012. 2 great dry bottles of white, and exorbitantly exy burgundy, foie gras, white truffle risotto, les escargots, 3 tartar’s a fillet mignon, prunes, café éclair, chocolate cake and a dirty martini later we were full, happy, plastered and making a LOT of noise. And, it was fantastic.

What to do when youre in a state like we were? Well, head for more cocktails! We ventures down the road to Pub Saint Germain for a double espresso and of course, obligatory martini. Ive started to consume those like water which is very strange as up until about a year ago, there sheer slight of a gin bottle would make my insides shrivlle and id lie on the floor crying for my mum. After this I wanted to take them to the bar at the Grand Palais. I think this s only open in the warmer months and I had just ventured to it for the first time recently at Nuit Des Musees and it was really well priced and so pretty! So we cabbed it over, shared a bottle of red and then, utterly amazingly, were a little peckish! So, we cabbed it back over to the Marais and had a mediterainan feast and a few more bottles of wine. Honestly, I think my alcohol free week this week was an excellent choice as after typing all that I actually feel like checking myself into some sort of facility!
Pub Saint Germain
The bar at the Grand Palais

Les Philosophes - The Marais. Great red wine and charcuterie spot
As quick as the arrived they had left. It was without a doubt one of the funniest weekend’s I have had in my life.It was so great to see them all and Im really looking forward to another catch up in Sydney in August! Although, perhaps we can keep the drinking to a minimum…
The following week was when I received the soon to be celebrated with champagne news I mentioned earlier… and that my friends you will find in the next post, as I seriously think that this alcoholic rant has gone on long enough..


To be continued!

ps.. I put these stolen photos in as I always forget and its nice for my friends, and anyone really reading this to see or to imagine me sitting there.. not so elegantly sadly.