Home is where the heart is.. and that's soon to be 75009!

So my much anticipated, needs to be celebrated with A LOT of champagne news is.....

I am soon to be an inhabitant of the 75! For those of you who have no idea what im on about, the 75 is the beginning of the suburb code for center Paris. Currently I live in the 92.. well 92190 to be exact, and, as a fabulos taxi driver once told me, the great JD also lives here! Its been great living here the past year although id be lying if I said I wasn’t itching to get right into the city!
So, where is it? Its in the 9th.. I wasn’t too keen on living here when I first moved to Paris.. I thought of myself more in the 1st/2nd/3rd/6th or 7th but alas, due to obvious lack of money and elite status that is virtually impossible. Also having met quite a few hip Aussies since relocating and with all of them living in the 9th it became apparent to me just how awesome this little area is!
The apartment is what you would describe as miniscule and currently inhabitated by 2 males of the “work out” variety and is littered with weights etc.. when we went to view it they said “pretty much everything bar the books and our clothes stay;s in this apartment” I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t raise my hand here “errr what about all that exercise junk? Theres definite room for a cocktail stand right there”. Needless to say, workout wally and his equipment are all definitely vacating the premisis! (here’s hoping they take the protein powder and excess Gatorade also)
So, within the walls of this beautiful 38 m2 you will find.. 6 balcony’s.. that’s right, you read correct, 6 small balconies! 2 in each bedroom and 2 in the lounge room. They are all amazing and beyond! Of course the boys have some pots hanging off the balconies filled with, yes you guessed right, dirt. During our interior convos, laura, aka, NEW ROOMIE, and I have already been deciding that we both moved to Paris with the fascination of red flowered pot plants hanging out our windows! (little were we to know we would be red flowering 6 balconies! Sorry, last time I just literally can not get over this shiz!)

The kitchen is also just super cute! its an alley way kitchen with a big old fashioned type country sink! on one side is the perfect work bench for cooking, or making cocktails.. whichever floats your boat. I know what ill be doing there! The lounge room has a big fold out sofa bed which is perfect for the visitors! and also a cute little table and chairs and a big old mans style tv.. that, really, has to go. But that is a later problem!

There are 2 bedrooms also, next to each other but also separated but quite some space! The doors are really on other sides of the apartment so that's nice!

I will post some pictures up but it really doesn't do it much justice as the place has been painted, and the balconies are bare and the couch is different SO I don't want to give too much away before Laura and I have moved in and Girlied it up a little, ya know? I guess you can think of this as the before's and then see if my "decorators thumb" can actually work..

Without further adieu, I give you... MON APPARTEMENT!

living and kitchen
bedroom 1 - balcony's
Bedroom 2 balcony's - My room..

view from kitchen balcony

view from bedrooms

view from lounge room

So from here on in I'm going to be Pinteresting like a maniac obviously and getting ideas for the HEAP of stuff I bought from Sydney for the exact purpose of my Parisian apartment :)

I'll leave you with these two balcony snaps that are starting my inspiration...