Hair cut fail

Today I got my haircut. Today I could have cut my own hair with a blindfold on better.

I went back to the place I went last time and the lady was there that gave me the best haircut of my life a few months back. That's a big call since when I had a bob I was attending the hairdressers once every three weeks!

So I ventured back today wanting something really great for my wild weekend that's just around the corner.

I think, I honestly, look scragglier than when I went in. That coupled with the "first day" girl who washed my hair and the 60 euro price tag has put a little dampener on my meant to be amazing Friday!

Proof that perhaps it's time I find myself a proper boutique salon somewhere in Paris to tame my mane...

Open to suggestions....

Now I'm off to see what I can do before AMY arrives tomorrow... skipping still with glee :)