Bo Man Cafe - If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do!

Whilst it's not overly common for 'real life' Parisians to spend a lot of time dining out (that is what I have heard... so if I'm incorrect, don't shoot me) I certainly, as a faux Parisian, love to. Partially due to not having a space to entertain and invite people around as I want and also partially due to the fact that I clean up 5 nights a week for other people, and I surely don't want to spend the other time cleaning up for myself.

Solution. Spend lots of time eating out. The thing in Paris, I find, is that when you arrive knowing nothing, its by word of mouth and random discoveries that you stumble across some amazing restaurants like the one I have decided to blog about today! The reason this is such is because, to be honest and this is my opinion only so again, put down the gun, there is a lot of S*$%T tasting, overly priced food in Paris. Sure I know many a place serving A grade food, but unless I meet my Prince Charming, Im really only heading out there for extra special occasions.. What I want to try to find more of are those great, really well priced, almost secret bistros.

Moving right along then... Whilst my friend Amy was visiting recently we were staying in an apartment she rented in the 9th. We had a look on trip advisor or something for a local, well rated bistro and sure enough some spot came up.. so we began our walk down Rue La Bruyere and before we knew it.. literally 4 seconds later we were walking past Bô Man Café. Dimly lit and full of enough diners to convince us to change our plans we headed in. The service was really great and, on another night, sans moi, my friend Amy returned begging for food at an ungodly hour and learnt our waiters name was Pascal. That was a bit of a side sotry, back to night 1. Quite hungry, and thirsty we opted for a bloody mary and les escargots for a starter.. For mains Amy picked a salmon tartare and I had the poulet, or roast chicken. I wouldnt usually order a good old roast but I'd be lying if I said I hadnt been dreaming of this chook since we stepped foot outside that restaurant after that amazing first night! Not forgetting the 500ml caraf of really nice rose or the decadent Creme brulee we had either, we were pleased with our final bill of 50€! 50€!!! Can you believe it! and the food was to die for! 

Now you see them...

Now you don't

The roast Chicky

Amy and Mary

Enough was enough, a few days later we just had to return and, sure enough.. the same again! We shared a warm goats cheese salad for entree, and for main both went all out on a Canard de Confit, my favourite.. I have to say its a real close tie between that and the chicken now and who in gods name picks chicken as a favourite when there's a little duck in town! (Sorry for any vego's who may be reading this right now... it may be angering you a teeny bit). To finish ourselves off, I opted for the Fromage Blanc with honey and Amy had a banana and chocolate dish of some sort.. I was so engrossed in my Fromage B by that point I didn't pay to much attention!

Warm goats cheese salad


Fromage Blanc and Honey

The Dessert that I'm not sure what it was..

The photos are all pretty much shocking quality and do it next to no justice but that's what happens in a dimly lit restaurant that you only have your iphone in..

They have a brunch menu on Sundays that Im definitely going to hit as soon as humanly possible and for a quick dinner on the way home for the not too hungry you can seriously eat an amazing entree and a glass of wine for a whopping maximum total of 12€ and for a normally hungry person, a main and a glass of wine will set you back about 16€. To be honest though... you would be morbidly insane not to go the full slog, wine, entree, plat and dessert.. possibly even throwing in a cocktail at some point also!

Looking forward to testing out their coffee also as if they can make me a decent cup of that then there is no saying what may happen when I'm living a tiny 200m down the road!!

If your headed over France's direction (and don't know me, as if you do I'll be sure to be taking you here) and you want an excellent French meal then you can find Bô Man Café @ 33 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris, their # is 01 44 63 70 41 

Happy falling in love peoples and before I forget, bon appétit!

P.S The photos have really done this gem no justice at all... luckily I'm headed back there on Saturday night so will snap up a few goodies...