One thing that I love about Paris and one of the reasons I left Australia - although the two reasons are totally going to contradict myself - is the sun!

I left Australia as the sunshine was a little too much at times. Its sort of always hot and you always have generally really nice weather - which sounds totally ludacris that I would complain about this BUT after a while I think sunshine is really taken for granted.

In Paris, when the sun starts to shine everyones attitude changes completely. Everyone is suddenly happy, no problem is too much (most of the time) bosses are telling you to take the afternoon off to enjoy the great weather, everyone is by the canal or seine for a picnic after work, rosé is the water of the city and picnic food the only thing worth eating. People just really love and appiciate it which is really nice and has given me a totally different perspective on the season of sun which I once used to dread as im really not a beach person and this is about the only thing people seem to do in Aus when the temps start to soar.

So, with a sunny weekend planned, some friends and I planned a coffee date at the canal on sunday afternoon. I spent the morning in with Hendrick and I really couldnt have had a better weekend!

And although I post these almost every day on my facebook feed and have written many a BP about them - the sunsets are just amazing, especially from my balcony!

Enjoy - there is no filter on these, just plain old iphone snaps! Amazing, right?


Behind the curtains

I love how every morning I could be in for a huge surprise when I open the curtains... Today I got a huge surprise and it just makes the day so much better when this happens!

Now that I have little Hendrick to keep me company in the morning and I love getting out of bed for him as he is just so sweet and snuggly in the morning, I dont really need many more surprises, but this morning as I sat down with my coffee and opened my curtains I was hit with such a lovely sunrise sky..

Only the last of these photos is Instagrammed.. and I couldnt even get a pic that looked as lovely as the morning sky in real life.

Morning coffees on my sofa on mornings like this are quite simply the best! Apologies for the crappy iphone photos - my camera is inside a box :(



Welcome to the world my little man! I already love you so much :)

This is Hendrick, my new buddy who is setting into life chez moi so well!

I hope you find him as cute as I do!

Les Fleurs

Its no secret… if you have been to my house you know I have flowers all year round.

I was never much a flower type of person, I didn't own a vase in my last apartment but got to take one from my old flatmate when we moved out and that coupled with the cutest little flower shop next door to me I'm not totally hooked!

The flower shop is run by the sweetest little lady and its ritual on Saturday mornings to pop in and pick up a bunch or two!

How fantastic is this weather today!?!? Summer is coming and Im not complaining… can't wait for long summer nights by the canal..!

Bon Dimanche


A week in London

Im finally back on Parisian soil, thank god!! Ive just spent a week in London for work which has been great but there is nothing like coming home to my little space thats all mine :)

I was in London for a conference and then an intense 2 days of work.. although I had some super nice dinners at Browns, Ping Pong, Wahacca and The Charlotte Street Hotel restaurant the only picture I took during the entire 5 days was the view from Paramount where we stopped off for a quick champagne - terrible photo person I know and it is so grainy but it will have to do!

Im off out for a burger with friends today and to really just enjoy being back in gay Parie.. oh how I love you!

Also.. I think the inevitable has happened last night… i was finally convinced to get a little puppy.. doesn't he just look so sweet!!

Ill let you know how I get on!